High Performance Solar Series

Our highest performing product. Solar Series combines the highest amount of nano ceramic particles per-inch on to a layer of our most clear sputtered film. The result is a product that rejects heat and provides optical clarity like no other.

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Heat Rejection

The nanoGard’s bread-and-butter, our film’s heat rejection specifications and in-field results talk for themselves. This is where we lead.

High Visibility

Combining a multiplex of features while still displaying crystal clear visibility, this is the nanoGard magic we create behind the scenes.

Chip Protection

Our films feature a high-tensile base layer, making them hard to puncture. The nanoGard films hold shattered glass in place, preventing glass going inwards towards the passengers.

Scratch Resistant

Our films are hard coated to provide anti-scratch properties, keeping your film impeccable for years to come.

99% UV Rejection

High grade UV coated films ensure that you, your loved ones, and your car interior are protected from harmful UV rays.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind our products and as such provide a robust limited lifetime warranty.
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